The Handbook is a collection of cutouts focused solely on the hand from newspaper photographs collected over a three-year period (1994-97), organized into nine categories and compiled into 169 strips.

There are two Handbooks:

- Handbook No.1 contains about 7,000 clippings.

The original is in the Graphic Collection of the National Library of Switzerland in Bern. One edition was shown in 1996 at Ursus Books, Carlyle Hotel, New York. It was also included in the 1997 group show "Traces", curated by Omar Lopez-Chaoud, at Hope 57, in Brooklyn.

- Handbook No.2 contains more than 20,000 clippings.

The premiere of the Web site took place in 1997 at Adriana Arenas's 2D Gallery, in New York. Parts of the book were shown in 1999 at Kunsthalle Dresden in the exhibit Nabelschau, curated by Susanne Altmann.